High Sec Alliance LF Industrial Corporations


Plasma Drive is currently seeking active corporations for a high sec industrial alliance. PvP Corporations are also welcome. We’ve decided to be a massive power house industrial alliance that is going to create “safe” zones in high sec. We are located in Placid, and are looking for active corporations with like minded values which include

  • Desire to do something different which will include
    • no mandatory pvp on pve based players
  • Supports an autocratic style of government. We will never be democratic, or ask ceo’s for their opinions on military matters unless that ceo is part of the alliances military leadership. Democratic systems do not work in eve (arguable not in real life either)
  • Full of passion to innovate and stay away current traditional mindset
  • Desire to live in high sec, but utilize near by null and low security space as well
  • Supportive of your member-base being on alliance discord
  • Desire to stay out of the “war eligible” arena

If you are interested and agree with the above, please feel free to drop a line.

Oh, so you made the alliance you were wanting isk for? Cool. I like the name.

Is this the entity you plan to “kill goons” with? gl…

Are you sure you would be the first alliance to be based in hisec but operating in all security zones? Seems that’s done/has been done.

What benefit will it be for corporations to join your alliance?

I support your idea, and I honestly wish you all the best, but its really not gonna end well, not well at all.
If I were you, I would consider a low tier wormhole like a c1 or c2 with a high sec static.
Get in there, build a capital fleet for defence, and be smart about your blueprints (use copies :wink: ) put up several structures, pocos etc, make sure you get full use of the wormhole, but most important, get a defence, get caps.
In high sec you will as a pve alliance be an underdog to pretty much any high sec ganking alliance and corp out there. In a lower tier wormhole you change those odds, you have the caps, you have the ships easy at your disposal and that advantage will be cruical.
Even so, be ready to risk losing everything (hence the bpcs not bpos ).

Anyways, Good luck, and I wish you well.
Will keep an eye on things to see how things develop.

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Im growing ever so tired of people telling me to go to wormholes, or how amazing its not.

Im a 03 player, I have no interest in there, and to be honest wormholes are not all people crack up to be or try to bs people into believing.

Thanks for your kind email, and feedback though. We will never be part of WH space, i’d rather be a goonie. im aware of the KB, but im not fusing over it at the moment, all new entities have issues with it when they start out, though a few people i really want to smack =O

no worries, was just trying to help.
and no, wormholes might not be amazing, but it can be used to give a industrial focused alliance an edge in pvp

Do you require protection services?

Do not join this corporation or alliance!
This guy is a known liar and stealing from new players!

The idea is grand and will not go far, you are offering no advantage to playing with you over doing what the Indy dudes are already doing.

What are you offering besides a new upstart community?
Most indy folks already belong to great communities, what are you bringing to the table for interested parties?

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