Plasma Drive [Drive] is Recruiting highsec corporations. No Wars!


Our newly formed alliance is currently seeking high (and potentially low) security based corporations.


Q: Will you be going to null?
A: No.

Q: We do not want wars, will/are you war eligible?
A: We are not, and nor will we allow “structure” drops on corps in the alliance (alt corps is fine)

Q: What kind of government do you have?
A: Autocracy (a single leader, myself). Subject to change as we recruit corporations We will never be democratically or use votes to “decide” what we will do. I listen to everyone’s opinions individually on a personal level and frequently ask others of opinions.

Q: What are your goals?
A: To create a high sec empire that will allow us to help high sec and new players, and build a strong industry. We want to find a unique way of doing this and have a few good idea’s.

Q: Do you require miners to pvp?
A: We strongly believe that people should play eve like they want, and as a result have NO FORCED CTA’S FOR PVERS.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Placid.

Q:Requirements to join?
A: Loyal to the alliance, all members use alliance discord (and are active on it). Voice is optional for non-pvp or non-official ops.

Contact me if you are interested or want to know more.
I am usually active on my alt (noori naarian)

From someone who couldnt afford 1 bill to create his own alliance, this will end well.

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