High-Sec Indy Corp Looking for Returning Players

Look up my toon in game and come check us out

Wanna build ships and tired of the same ole grind Check us out

CEC-Group is a small corp and growing. We help new players learn the ways of EVE. Our corp is like a lot of players in EVE we took a vacation for sometime and are getting back into the game. We partnered with a great alliance that is also growing and things are looking good. Maybe you can help grow with us.

  1. We Mitigate our members Risks – We are an Industrial corp but we encourage players go out have fun.
    a) Our Corp is does not do PVP other than structure defense.
    b) Our Alliance does do PVP and Fleet Ops you have the option to attend fleets or not.
    c) We mitigate risks, by replacing any ships lost with 6 jumps of our home.
    d) We have hangers full of free ships go fly in them, get killed, come get another one.

  2. We External Goals for our Alliance – We want to support our alliance with the ships and equipment they need for Factional Warfare. To provide the logistics support they need

  3. We have internal goals for our corporation – We want to train our people in how to maximize ISK per hour while having fun in the game. We want to expand the research and invention side of the company to be as robust as manufacturing and mining.

  4. We Live and operate in Minmatar Space and we expect our people to fly Minmatar ships. Is this a requirement right now NO. but we will expect you to start training in that direction.

  5. We Mine A LOT. Are you required to mine NO. Do you have to make X number of fleet mining ops NO. Do what you want but you will be missing out on what we do.

  6. We have discord voice and we are growing there, we want you on voice too. We try and keep a pretty clean conversation PG-13 or we try. Example: my wife plays in this corp, and some of our grown kids, so there is a certain level of respect always.

  7. We are a more mature group so we are not full drama. We just wanna play and meet other players.

  8. Ganking, Piracy, Extortion, Griefing or Gate Camping ARE NOT TOLLERATED by our corp.

I’m very interested in your guys direction and sound of like with you and would really like to give you guys a try if possible im a 13 year player with a toon tasked across board with a indy alt if it would ever be needed.
Really looking forward to hear from you and thank you for your time!

Ill shoot you a message in world

I am glad to see interest in our corp. Eve is a pretty great game but you know it can be lonely. We are more interested in building a group of players that become friends. We play other games togeather as well Jump on our public chat and say hi! " 2Mine "

Hello Minmatar brothers, I am a male seeking a corp in minmatar space. I like high sec missions, ratting, Minning, Scanning, and talking on discord. i am mostly train mimmatar i can fly a murauder, tech 2 large projectiles, and have 35 mill sp

Send Me a message in-world and we can talk or Join or public chat channel.


@Logix_Cesaille I’m planning on getting back into the game again and you’re cec group is something I’m interested in how would i go about joining the corp

Shoot me a message in world and we will find a you a bunk here

I am interested in talking about joining your corp. I am a returning player specializing in mining and industry. I am able to fly all ORE ships except the capital and have most of my basic processing skill at 3 or 4. I want to join a corp I can matter to and not just be another cog in the machine.

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i am very happy to join your corp in return i want shares

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i am happy to join the corp in return i would like shares plz

Send me a message in game. or jump on our Public Chat " 2Mine "


Bump Indy players wanted

We External Goals for our Alliance – We want to support our alliance with the ships and equipment they need for Factional Warfare. To provide the logistics support they need

Could you give a little more detail on how this would work for newer joiners to the corp? My character has dabbled in some manufacturing skills, but not really maxed any of them. The last time I played I tried to see if I could manufacture anything for profit in Pandemic Horde, and I found that the manufacturing needs seemed to be mostly covered by a handful of players with elite characters who had maxed out many manufacturing related skills.

Maybe once a month there would be a couple day period where there was a hole, but by the time I was able to gather the necessary blueprints, materials, and start a job, it would be completely filled and I never really managed to make much money, certainly not consistently.

I’d love to be able to finally profit off these skills I’ve trained, but I’ve yet to find a situation where it wasn’t just cheaper to buy and sell from someone else.

When it come to Alliance support through manufacturing. We have the BP’s for all the equipment the Alliance uses in its doctrine builds. We manufacture parts we know there is always a demand.

Still recruiting send me an inworld message