High-Sec Indy Corp Looking for Returning Players

Drop me a message in Game, looking forward to hearing from you

Hey everyone We are still here and flying come build war ships with us.

Are you still accepting pilots? I’m looking to return to EVE and am def interested in your corp! I’ve done mining ops and manufacturing in the past.

Yeah Send me a message in game

Contact me in Game Viceroy We have a place for you

contact this toon in-game have a coffee and BS with the crew

We have been busy, could really use some more help… Are you Indy really should look us up .

We break rocks, We build ships… Because
In RUST we trust all others PAY ISK.

Yesterday we ran mining fleets over 12 hour period. F/C’s changing moving from belt to belt. BS about ship fittings / worthless Gankers and beer… It was a good day

You are flying right next to us now How you likin it !

come fly with us, hang out with a great group of people!

Now with an added AU/NZ timezone. If you’re an indy pilot, look us up or join 2mine in game!

Great group of people in this corp, very happy I joined!

o7. Is there a discord where I could chat with you or a recruiter.? Your corp is very interesting To me. I’m just not in game right now.


I like that you have constant fleets

Drop my toon a message in game and see if you can find a home with us

Still looking for Indy Pilots, fly with a great set of people and make good ISK

You know flying alone sucks, but there is something worse flying with a bunch of toxic people. Come check us out, we do allow toxic people.

Logix is a strict overlord but he pays us well! :stuck_out_tongue:

Need a place to practice your Indy Skills while providing Ships for Faction warfare drop me a line in game or check out my Bio