High Sec Mercs - Join at the start!

  • High Security Space Mercenaries



We love and hate everyone equally

Parabellum. (the dot is important)

We are “mature” players, who love EvE, and used to be good at it! We are starting a new corp - a new mantra, based upon our experiences in EvE. We hated the capital’s online of Null Sec and camping gates wasn’t our idea of fun, so we found ourselves in High Sec, but the mechanics was broken - until now.

Now High Sec Wars are fun. HQ’s make juicy targets, and the days of picking on the little guys should be over!

So what are you doing?
High Sec Mercenaries, people pay us to help, or attack other people. We know there are others, and if you want to restrict trade hubs to corps - pay them! They really good! But if you want to defend your citadel, or kill your opponents in a given system, for a reasonable price - we are the people for you.

Our word is our honour, our CEO has played the same character for 15 years.

What do you require from me?
We require you to register on our Discord and a few other systems. We do not do full security checks, you won’t get access to anything - we do require your time though. We know there is a thing called Real Life, but we play seriouse internet spaceships, and when in game - we expect you to be active.

We have a list of do’s and do nots, that you MUST follow.

If you are an alpha player we will need more details, so we can check you fly our doctrines!

Join our discord, follow the instructions in the recruitment channel pinned messages - or just say hello!



interested, depending on how you go about the wars. hanging in your discord atm. ill check in occasionally.
recently got the urge to do wars again. have a bit of experience.
I like seal clubbing and destroying flying pinatas.
I’m not elite enough to fight elite pvp’ers.

I think our timezone is a bit off from you Aegareth. We are primary EU but we will be desperate for all timezones soon enough.

We have a few West Coast US, but not in recruitment positions.

But drop me a mail in game, if we can get your attention.

First operation is tonight, so come and say hello in our public channel, while we split the money!

Our first op went well - final timer awaits.

Second war is in. Having to say no to things… Looking for recruits, we starting this ball rolling, and it ain’t stopping…

A few new bloods in… If you want PvP, without the caps! without the scanning… AND ALL THE STRUCTURE BASHES YOU COULD EVER WANT!

drop by our public channel!

First quiet night … So join the public channel and come join the fun!

Our first contract kill? We hope so… Then NPC’s are winning the war so far!