High Sec / Sov Null Sec Mining Corporation Wants Miners!

Sword Eagle Corporation

Is A New Corporation, Looking For Miners Who Enjoy Mining Endlessly For Hours, [SWEC.] Has Sovereignty Ties To Enable Pilots Access To Rare Ore’s And Ice, Alllowing For Better Manufacturing, And Greater ISK Revenue.

Highlighted Points:-

  • Easy-Going No Pressure Or Dictating

  • Great Opportunities

  • ISK Revenue Increase

  • Complete Control Over Your Own Agenda, Goals & Targets

  • Alliance Team Support System

  • Play Your Own Game

  • Bring Your Upwell Or POS Structure For Your Own Corporation Or Use Our NPC / Structures

Everyone Is Accepted.

Bring Your Corporation To Auric Transition [AURIC] Alliance

Teamspeak Comms Available (No Obligation) To Use

For Any Enquiries Our Discord

In-Game For Alliance Member Application

Apply Now

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