[Highsec] PVE, Miners, and Industrialists needed!

Greetings Fellow Space Nerds,

We have discovered a cache of tasty rocks to chew, a virtual plethora of bountiful boulders that deserve to be thoroughly shot to pieces with frickin lazers. We need more dudes to ensure this venture is achieved in a speedy manner, and so we seek out you, my awesome reader. If you’ve opened this ad, you are probably our target audience and you should join us in our in-game channel, D00M Pub (Fun Fact: those are zeroes in “D00M” not the letter O), to discuss the enterprise further.

No requirements, but people interested in having more fun than you can shake a stick at and a willingness to use our Discord are strongly preferred and encouraged. We promise it will be a reward all it’s own.

Not a miner? Ask us about our ventures in other areas of space too! We Have the hookup for Null and Wormhole life!

We thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

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