Hire an economist

The game has gone downhill since you got rid of the one you had.

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i think you are saying the current staff has no clue how a free economy works. nor do they understand how to correct it based on what players actually enjoy doing in the game. they allow isk faucets like incursions and insurance to continue and keep adding game aspects to force isk sink market transactions and then try to tell us it is a player based economy. if it was a player based economy normal supply and demand rules would manage the markets. starving the game of resources did not generate the behaviour they expected so the new smoke and mirror act is “updated industry:” another way of CCP trying to figure out how to manage the economy and the value of plex.
i agree, hire an economist, and maybe some people that play the game but arent part of a mega alliance as advidors.

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Never trust an economist.

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We’ve had quite a few people predict a complete economic collapse after various changes, yet we still haven’t seen calamity. Either this is an extremely slow motion train wreck, or CCP has at least some clue what they’re doing.

Second, solutions to economic problems aren’t always pleasant. Sometimes interest rates need to be increased, taxes raised, and/or asuterity measures implemented. Case in point, resource scarcity is actually fixing economic problems, yet the player response has largely been people complaining about their isk efficiencies. So, I’m not sure what you guys expect. Do you think an economist is going to come in here a propose a solution that simultaneously fixes all economic issues and makes everyone rich and happy?

Of course, CCP has most certainly made mistakes in the past, and they haven’t addressed all problems yet, but it does look like they’re finally handling things. So, I’m of the opinion that we should let them see this through.

P.S. I really like the fact that they decoupled Cap ship prices from T1 subcap prices. So, I don’t consider the new changes to be smoke and mirrors at all.

P.S.S. We might agree on one thing though. I don’t think scarcity breeds conflict. I think it breeds risk aversion.

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All of this scarcity etc they’re doing right now that’s making the game a complete bore is to correct the damage they did to the economy previously. Damage that was put into motion shortly after losing the economist they had on staff for most of the game’s prior existence. And these new industry changes aren’t even likely to correct the situation.

Capitals being widely available isn’t even really the core problem. The core problem is that whoever can put the biggest blob of capitals on grid wins. Or, rather, supercapitals. Making supercapitals more expensive won’t change the fact that whoever can put more of them on grid ultimately wins the fight. It won’t make the game any better. It won’t create more content.

Long ago I suggested getting a few economics majors from college to give advice to CCP. Might even be worthy as an internship program.

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