Holoreel 2: freedom, in many ways

I spent many years upon the Opper. I learned it’s systems, I loved the feeling and strived to learn more. The capsuleer that owned and ran the ship, captain Vikarious, noticed my interest and my proficiency for technology and eventually came to trust me enough to co-pilot.

More years passed, I learned the markets, i learned the seedy space ports in null security space and the awe-inspiring views of Thera.

Beautiful Thera. A place for solace, a place with no judgement, a place where no one wanted to know you or where you came from.

It was there, at Thera XII - The Sanctuary Institute of Paleocybernetics where at the age of 16 i first stepped out of the Opper. Where I first saw and met others.
I was terrified. Vikarious did something then that changed my life, he introduced me to an individual as his adopted daughter and signed me up for capsuleer testing.

My first steps of freedom. My first step to being an individual.

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