Memoirs of a Capsuleer: wallel Audeles: Splintered Soul

I could only see tiny blurry white lights fading in and out of the black while I heard multiple voices echoing, “Who are you!? What are you doing here!?”. “I-I don’t…ugh. Who are…?” I hear shuffling of feet and clanging of metal as the voices moved closer. I thought to myself, “How did I get here?”

The sun slowly rose above the horizon of Duripant V; washing across the fertile land pulling back the dark cold blanket of night. My eyes opened to the sounds of hungry animals and the smell of a fresh new day waiting to be conquered. I took a quick glance at my wife as I got dressed and ready for the day. Sound asleep. Soon enough she’ll be chasing four kids around, feeding them, and trying to get Shanall to wear a shirt. I hope that girl grows out of that. Ha, 3yr olds are peculiar but it is their innocence and ignorance that set them apart from adults.

The trusty canine stirs to his feet as he hears me moving about inside preparing breakfast. I grab some homemade bread, put a pot of water on the stove and make some scrambled Huchi eggs. The eggs crackle in the pan as the water starts to boil all the while not another sound in the house could be heard other than the impatient pacing of the Sable (the trusty canine) as he knows he is about to be feed. I through in a handful of Junggy berries in a poured cup of boiling water and walk to the front porch with enough eggs and bread for me and Sable.

Sable and I sit on the covered porch eating and surveying the morning due on the land and formulate yet another plan on how to make this farm work even better. It’s not a failure by any stretch of the imagination but I would like to give the nicer things to my wife and kids. Used clothing and budget-friendly appliances fulfill our needs but I want to provide enough so they can get some of the “wants” they deserve.

As I stand up, Sable whines as the sound of hover engines move closer. “I bet it’s Jarash coming to try to buy those caves again.”, I said to Sable. He didn’t move a muscle. He continued to stare intensely in the direction of the noise. Odd. He usually doesn’t pay any mind to that jerk’s fancy ship. I noticed the sounds were a bit different and louder. As if, there were more. Yes. Definitely more. Stange. I can see an outline now. Who would come all the way out here? This is definitely going to slow down my already busy day. Hmmm? I think I can make out the shape. Weird it looks like, maybe? Nah. Not out here. What would they want with me, my wife and kids?

“No, no, no. No! NO! NO!NO!NO!” RUN! RUN NOW! GO! GO!” I yelled. Sable anxiously circled my legs barking his familiar warning bark. I’ve got to get’em away! I HAVE to get them away from here!


Who are the Serpentis? by Delonewolf

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I frantically run into the house, fling my wife out of bed. Her bewildered look conveys she knows something is wrong. A scared ‘what?’ escapes her mouth. I looked straight into her eyes, whisper intensely, “Kruul’s men are coming.” Her expression turns from confusion to terror. She runs into the kid’s room, pulls them out of bed, and hurriedly puts their shoes on their feet. “Mommy, what’s going on? Where are we going?”. The children continue to yawn and rub their eyes not knowing the fear that runs through me and my wife’s veins.

Kruul is one of “The Seven”. A criminal organization, which split itself from the Serpentis a number of years ago. Led by the infamous Jakerion Pahydan, the Seven are known to operate brothels, casinos and pleasure hubs.

I hear the ships hovering nearer and nearer. Flaring up their engines to bring them to a halt. Finally, we feel the heavy jarring of the ground in conjunction with an audible thud as the landing gear touches down. I share a horrified look with my wife.

We hurry the children out the back but we are met by the charged weapons of Serpentis henchmen. They somehow snuck up from the rear of the house. The big show out front must have been a distraction while they closed in.

“This will do fine for our top side headquarters for the new underground research lab.” I hear from a refined, almost eloquent voice from the side of the house. I turn and look in surprise and with some amazement. I recognize the outfit from the news reports. It was Kruul himself.

“What do we do with them?” asked a henchman. “Kill them.” Kruul said so calmly, cold and uncaring it enrages me. I try to struggle from the grips of the two henchmen holding me tight. I can’t budge but it didn’t dissuade my efforts. My struggle brought Kruul’s attention briefly in my direction but something catches his eye just near me. “Oh wait second. She’ll do nicely. Oh definitely.” Kruul said through an obvious smile you could hear even though you can’t see his face through the helmet. My wife began to cries out, “No, wait I’m a mother. I have…” “Oh don’t worry.” He interrupted. “There’s a special market for that. I provide all the flavors for my clients.” With that, he turns and without missing a stride as the sound of laser rifles echoes off the rolling fields. All my children fall to the ground. Lifeless. Still. No screams. No whimpers. Nothing. There was no sound.

A moment later my wife cries out only in a way a mother in agony can. It is like nothing I have ever heard in my life. Like a soul is dying. I too feel the pain but that pain was transformed into a white-hot rage I can feel radiating from my body.

Just then Sable comes racing from around the corner barking and in full attack mode. He goes straight for henchmen holding my wife. I quickly break free from my captures and run toward my wife a few steps behind Sable. Sable leaps in the air and landed the perfect throat lock on one of the henchmen. He screams in pain but for a second. As his throat fills with blood, he guggles and falls to the ground. I reach for my wife’s hand and I see the flash of a laser rifle and watch Sable’s midsection be split open by the blast. He’s gone.

I squeeze my wife’s hand tight and turn to sprint toward the woods at the edge of the property. CLACK! A flash of white. I see the ground. Then darkness.