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So I’ve been playing eve on my laptop but recently ordered a Dell Optiplex 790 dual monitor system for studying at home I tried playing eve on my second monitor and it was pretty lagy do you believe that adding RAM, new cpu, and new gpu would drastically increase the FPS and load times? If not it’s not that big of an issue the computer will be used anyways.

did you look to make sure that your PC is either at the recommended or minimum requirements?

What is its specification ?

The Optiplex 790 is a 2011 vintage business desktop and will struggle to play Eve (or any modern game), especially if you are using integrated graphics.

As a business desktop, it has a proprietary 250 watt power supply so you have very little headroom for upgrades - which can’t be recommended anyway, save your money to buy a modern system.

Eve is not overly demanding, a fairly basic i5 or Ryzen 5 system with 16Gb RAM, an M.2 storage device and midrange discrete graphics will happily run 2 or 3 clients at high settings.

My PC was bought in 2009, for my business then (I’m retired now). I bought a top-of -the-line setup from a PC-builder and the only things I’ve changed since are the graphics card and some more memory. Eve is actually pretty undemanding of the hardware. I run Linux btw, not sure if that helps.

As others have said, you’re probably better off going with a brand new budget build. However, if want to do some upgrades to tide you over, we can try to figure if any cheap upgrades will have a significant increase on performance.

Can you tell us your system specs. Specifically, we’d want to know:
(1) CPU
(2) Motherboard
(3) RAM, and how many empty RAM slots you have
(4) Discrete Graphics Card (if you have one, but you probably don’t)
(4) PSU wattage.

Sometimes you can use a service tag or product number to find out the exact specs on the manufacturer’s website. If that doesn’t work, use CPU-Z to find out 1-4. Then open up the case to find out how many free slots of RAM you have, and your PSU wattage. There should be a sticker on the side of the PSU saying how many watts it is.

Without system specs, I’m speculating, but I’d guess that the biggest bottleneck lies with the fact that you’re probably using integrated graphics. Now, if you have a 250w PSU, your choices will be quite limited, but a HD 5450 can run Eve just fine and be had for as little as $36 bucks. I’m not sure it can run Eve at it’s highest settings, but it exceeds minimum system specs and should allow you to beef the settings up a bit from potato mode.

Also, try setting your graphics settings to maximum performance and turning off all the effects from the middle column in the meantime. It might help get Eve to a playable state on your current rig. If that works, try seeing if you can bump up the shader one level. IMHO, it’s the setting that has the biggest impact on Eve’s looks.

You’re attempting to play games on a PC not designed for games at all. The only game I can think of that this PC would work with fine is something like Runescape or low end Minecraft.

i would recommend just build a system for 500-700 bucks that can run a dual 1080p without any issues.

I’ve built a lot of budget systems so if you need help I can send you some pcpartpicker links. I can’t really recommend any pre-builts because they are generally over priced and the parts are crap.

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