HOME FOUND (Thread Closed)

Hi there,
Our Corp would fit your needs perfectly and you’d be very welcome with us but we are only slowly building our US timezone, we are active and we use Discord so chat is available when we are both in and out of game. So that is the only drawback I can see. We are looking for a couple of our existing US timezone guys to help with recruitment, I’m just being honest as you have been in your post.

Your Indy and building skill and rock crushing would be very welcome and as we are PvP focused Corp we would certainly be looking to support you PvP education and give you opportunities to build your experience.

We live in Cache and we can talk about how that works if you want to come chat on Discord.

As for activity… that is the primary purpose of our Corp, to create a community who chat on discord help each other out and make the Corp alive. We also have new bros who we train and bring on so they can come join us in null sec so experienced pilots are encouraged to answer their questions and give them help, if that’s something you would like to do.

Check out our Corp ad and come talk to us on Discord, the only thing that we can’t completely deliver on is a full US timezone roster of pilots… yet… but we’re working on it.