Home Guard Auxiliary

Home Guard Auxiliary is a LS FW corp with a heavy focus on supportive fleet roles like E-war, Links, and Logi.

We have regular fleets being run both casual plexing and more focused objectives. Small and medium gangs as well as larger fleets working with both caldari and amarr militias.

We are set up to train new pilots in any of the support roles including pilots interested in learning how to command logistics or E-war wings.

Please send me a mail or Join HG-AX channel in game if you have any questions.

Still activity looking for pilots. Any interested in faction warfare but who have no interest in learning or flying support our sister Corp is open for recruitment as well.

Fleets daily

we still love you

we love you all and are still recruiting.

We have broken the gallente spirit, but we still need members to ensure they never again can threaten the State.

we have bacon and cookies

Still recruiting

Open and looking for fun

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