Homefront Operations

Hey everyone,

I’ve been playing EVE on & off for a while now & would love to run some homefront operations to earn some isk & potentially find a group to run this type of content with. I would still consider myself a new player because of my experience in EVE so, any advice would be great.


you can;t do Homefront alone, unless you have 4 more Omega accounts.

it is good money (for highsec) but its designed to do as a tem, it’s also great for bring new pilots into the fleet operations world, we run homefront fleets almost daily, but it did slow down a bit since the last expansion as there was quite a nerf on it,
now the botters “reserving” sites in advance, and the race it always was turned into the need for a 6th pilot that does reserve sites before the botters do.

but still you can make good moneyy with it, it’s just slower as it was before.


I appreciate all the info. I am aware it’s not how you earn the big isk but I was looking to do something chill & get used to doing things in a group. It just looks fun to me & as I’m pretty casual, would be perfect. Thanks!