How to find people for Homefront, FW, Incursions

I looked up the agency button and then went to ‘encounters’ button. Listed there were four types of PvE content and they were listed as group activities.

How do I find people for Homefronts, FW, and Incursions? I didn’t see a chat channel for any of them, and I didn’t see any fleets.

Is the only way to do these things with my corp (PVP Corp with very few people) or alliance? Should I find a PvE corp to do these things?

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Cool and thanks.

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I’m sorry the in game resources aren’t a little better.
This is a community one of my directors runs for homefronts. :smiley:

Re Incursions: If you can fly a Praxis battleship with T1 guns (cost ~250m ISK) then you can fly with Eve Rookies, where you will earn 50-100m/hour [Eve Rookies Incursions -]. If you can afford 500+m ISK for a better T1 battleship and better fit then you could fly with The Outuni Project, where you will earn ~250m/hour []. Alternatively, you could fly with The Ditanian Fleet [] or Warp to Me [About - Warp To Me], who are both higher than Eve Rookies but less than The Outuni Project. Web sites detail fits you need to fly and relevant skills needed. They also have Discords for more info. All of these groups are newbro friendly. Enjoy!

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The Ultimate Destination for Public Fleets - here’s a list of public fleets. Unfortunately, Eve doesn’t have a great infrastructure for getting new players in touch with organizations running content. As you’ve noticed, you need to just trip over someone who has posted that info or maybe get lucky on a google search.

I’m going to be adding the details for wormhole ratting (next fleet actually goes out tomorrow, check the PVE ping channel on our Discord for the info) this week and I’m still looking for folks to help me stand up homefront fleets as well as fleets in non EU time zones (contact me if you’re reading this an are a person/group that wants to help!)

On average we’re running 34 fleets a month and that number is trending upwards at a pretty decent rate. :wink:

Cya out there.

In regards to The Outuni Project does the character have to be in their corp/alliance to participate in their fleets?

& before you suggest WTMI, I got ehm… banned from that channel for… reasons :ccpguard:

can you resend the link? it as expired

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I will say it like this after doing a few Homefront and hope by god CCP don´t nerf the ■■■■ out of them. They are fun and fast to do and can make you earn 100-200 mill in like an 1-2 session. I just need to find people do them with. And no CCP 100-200mill is no much not when every fracking thing in this game has become stupidly expensive so please don´t nerf the only great think that has happen to hig sec in the past 16 years I played.

FW All I can say it I tried it and hated it becuse doing them alone sucks ass becuse I was new to it don´t want to blow millions on it which was wrong of me becuse every one was flying faction ships and ripped me a new ass even if my Cormorant had 300+ dps I nearly killed a hookbill ■■■■ was like 20% hull left yet I was the one eating ■■■■. And honestly defending ain´t fun becuse the LP is crap and I end up alone in every fight becuse no one defends.

Incursions I can´t say last time I did Incursions was when it came out in 2011 So I can´t comment about it but it seams way to much work to even be able to do them.

Looking for people to do this as well but in-game chat just seems dead for a response.

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