Feedback on group content like Homefront Operations

I am a new player, I believe reaching first week now and I been going through the AIR thing and so far its actually pretty nice. It gives me purpose and lets me dabble into different things and experience them. And most things you can do solo so that’s fine as a new player you usually don’t start with any friends to call upon or play with. At least for me that is the case.

I really love that “Opportunities” thing and the one thing that has been staring in my face and I really wanna try is “Homefront Operations”.

The thing is that you need more people for that and I have no friends (yet). I tried to go to the system and write a few times spread over a few hours to see if there were any locals that were interested in joining. I even asked once in rookie chat, see if there are other curious players but that seems more for asking questions instead so I didn’t bother too much.

And then there is the “homefront operations” channel that I got from a rookie chatter but even though there are 40 people in there, nothing much is happening at all. Maybe bad luck who knows.

Anyways to come to a conclusion and my piece of feedback that I would have liked to see is a system where you can sign up for some “opportunity”. Something like a matchmaking thing or LFG/Lobby whatever to easily fleet up and do something with random people who also wanted to do that thing.

If its easier for new players to group together for a certain group activity when they don’t really have friends yet to play with, and/or local chat or whatever isn’t really working. This would have been a nice alternative way to do content. And I don’t know, maybe you could do something like this with other content too but I just wanted to mention this specific thing as this in particular states you need 4-5 people to do it.

well, just wanted to share some feedback from a new player perspective.

with kind regards

Check out the fleet button in the neocom, and see if there are any public fleets.

Homefronts were designed more for corporations. So you may want to think about a corp, like brave newbies or eve uni

Thank you for that information. Didn’t knew it was more designed for corporations.
I am planning on joining a corporation soon. I haven’t decided on which yet. But before looking into a corporation I want to have finished a bit more things from the AIR-system.

A homefront leader board, for both corps and individuals would help people know the groups of people who are doing them. And having a dedicated chat channel for the homefronts that’s linked from the homefront page would also be useful.

I’m hopeful CCP will release frigate homefronts in the future. They’d be more friendly to brand new players.

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