Homefront Operations 2024

Anyone doing these as a group anymore? Was looking to get into this as I was planning to do some high-sec stuff but having a hard time finding active groups for this. Any in-game channels?

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Rushlock the twitch streamer runs public fleets check him out

If you are looking for another player, I would love to join. Please message me in game so we can co-ordinate.

Awesome sent you a mail in-game.

Also found 2 in-game channels with discords

“Homefront Operation”

“Homefront Runners”

Thanks friend, added you to friends and will try coordinate tonight

the easy ones like " Metaliminal Meteoroid" are plagued with bots, its not about finding the missions, its about the race on who gets there first. and well bots are usually better in those things.

in my region i see those ships idle eveywhere on gates in ospreys or Moa’s waiting for a spawn.
its till fun to do, but thanks to highsec mechanics there is little we can do about it.

when i did FW in low, it was fun killing bots by simply waiting at the safe they use and shooting them there.

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