Returning player with low sp looking for newbro friendly null corp

I played eve way back in the day and quit for a few years. My account name was some gibberish word and i straight up forgot it and started my current account in 2016 i believe. Long story short im coming back to eve and want to find a corp in null that doesn’t mind me only having 3mil sp. Looking primarily for pvp but my alt is trained for industry as well (orca pilot with boosts)


you don’t have access to the email account itwas registered to?

ccp will help if they can

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I dont know the email it was under or anything ive totally moved on

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Hello @mauiwowi_Kion!

Check out Aideron Robotics!

We’re one of best new player corps in the game, so we would be happy to help you get back on your feet.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on here or EVE, or PM me on our Discord, which is included in the link above


Im about to go to bed but im definitely interested and will message you the next time i log on thank you

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Awesome to hear! Will be looking forward to the message :slight_smile:

sent my application in right now, looking forward to hearing back from you guys

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Good to know? You joined our Discord right? And the bot messaged you with instructions on how to apply? (currently on a device that doesn’t like Discord so can’t check)

Hey there!

Darklore United is now recruiting
We are a null sec corp in The Bastion which is a member of The Imperium. Darklore United is the place where you can pursue your ratting and mining dreams. We are a small growing corp where real life comes first.
If you want to be part of something big it doesn’t get bigger than The Imperium.
What we can offer you:
Excellent ratting and mining opportunities. Including moon mining
Industry production.
Capital fleet to protect your mining and ratting ships
Regular pvp fleets, big fleets
Mature and relaxed enviroment
What we are looking for:
Min 10mill SP
Mature and self-sufficient, but we will ofc help you out if needed
Someone who likes to do fleets. (Fleets are fun and it is expected that you do your part)
Easy going members that don’t cause drama. Nobody likes drama.
What we expect from you.
Willingness to train doctrine ships
Teamspeak, mumble and jabber
Be on said TS, mumble and jabber
FULL API check
Do 4 fleets in a month
join darklore recruitment in game

Hey Mauiwowi!

Why don’t you check out MMDS! We are a Null-Sec Corporation and part of Legacy Coalition.
We would be happy to help you out with whatever role you want to fulfil! We have a very friendly community ranging from new players to veterans! :slight_smile:

Feel free to send me a mail if you have any questions! Or join our public channel: MMDS

Also check out our forum post!

Hello mauiwowi Kion,

I was wondering how horde is going for you? enjoying mining in large groups out there? are they providing the information you need to better your game?

If the answer is no and you feel you may have taken a wrong turn feel free to message me in game :slight_smile:
the best of luck to you!

fly dangerous o7


Hey bud, eve mailed you in game.

I reckon we could work together.

Give me a shout


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