Homeless Corp

Tell us about you…

What we do and a little about us.

• Daily fleets of varying doctrines
• Quality and proven Skirmish FC team
• Solid Core membership that are tried and tested
• Corp has 7 years of good eve history
• No allegiances to any side of the donut
• No issues with sov warfare
• No issues with NPC space
• TZ is US heavy, EU and Aus as a bonus

  •  150+ unbloated membership

We are looking for a new home due to unforeseen circumstances.

Our corp is a pvp corp with a solid pvp history and no intentions of changing that, blob warfare is not really our personal favorite but happy to consider your offerings. Over the past 7 years we have painted a very pretty picture with our KB and pride ourselves on our reputation of being better not l33t, with over 100k kills and an eff of over 94% we have always worked hard for any overlord we have had and at some time like everyone “endured”.

Would not be opposed to forming an alliance with other like minded corps that are motivated and looking for challenges beyond what is presented currently, interested parties would remain anonymous. Maybe you have already created a small one have the ball rolling but need some extra weight to progress, we are happy to listen.

Mail is the preferred method for initial contact.

Yes this an alt :parrotsleep:

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you hit me up, but i will bump for you :slight_smile:

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Hey dude, join our Discord and we can talk more in detail through PMs, look forward to hearing from you: http://bit.ly/FEDUPDiscord

I know we reached out.

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Areyou still looking? You can be an equal partner in our Alliance we are our own overlords :stuck_out_tongue:

check out our advert and hit me up for a discord chat https://forums.eveonline.com/t/winter-coalition-alliance-looking-for-english-speaking-pvp-corps/14634

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Hey! Do you want to build something new in New Eden? Than take a look on this topic [LORDE] - null sec alliance for you!
We are looking for more corporations to join our ranks and build strong community!
Curently we move ourself into Tenerifis and fly alongside Mistakes Were Made coalition. If you are intrested - contact us either on discord or in-game!

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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hi mate,

You guys could actually be exactly what we’re looking for. Can you mail one of the leadership guys in “Coalition of Carebears” as I know they’re looking for a new direction. Lord Frifri or House Mom


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Cheers for all the pokes and mails.

Been busy RL so apologies if anyone missed a response and will mail over coming days.

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Real life always comes first :slight_smile:

have u considered co2?! <3

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https://youtu.be/rprEoca8lW8?t=57 look see what you think hit me up

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How fitting. Our Indy Corp is looking for some muscle. Would love to have you as a PvP wing.

Hit me up in Eve and we can chit chat. I think we have something to offer your peeps here.

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