Honestly this wardec system is annoying

why they dont make, u should hold a sov to declare war ?`


the less wars the better…

PVP is not all…

Ogg like war. Increasing PVP more! Many bloodshed make pleasing to Ogg. Oogaa boogaa!

On a serious note: War declarations only apply to HS (and to a lesser extent LS). Sov only applies to SOME Nullsec. So… doesn’t work. And most of us wouldn’t want this. I know I don’t.


If you hold sov you don’t need a wardec to wage war, wardecs only apply in hisec.

Dammit @Archer_en_Tilavine , you edited your post to cover this while I was getting beer.


Ogg feeling many sorrowful :sleepy:


Not as sorrowful as when Olaf the Hairy, high king of all the vikings, accidentally ordered 20,000 battle helmets with the horns on the inside.


I’ll say it again

CCP SHOULD have made wars include skill, but no ccp just cant put 100% into any new idea its like

CCP memo
hey guys lets re-balance war decing “sigh”

ok if we must “double sign”

meh lets make it like king of the castle should be easier we can go home early once done…

Wars should use skills and could include missions and agents


3 man corp gets deced by oh I don’t know Pirat lets say :stuck_out_tongue:

War Bonds
so 3 man corp loves to mine so now there at war they can mine for NPC corp.
X amount minerals goes to NPC corp in return they earn war bonds which can be used to hire NPC protection WHILE mining just like the NPC mining barges now, so when Pirat attacks miner, NPC defense fleet arrives “depending on fleet size strength depends on war bonds available”

To stop farming on defense fleet have no reward or drop other then player ship drop.

Also to be able to use war bonds must have skill War Chest higher skill more war bonds LP earn per ore mined.

Pirat can with skill Espionage can use a locator agent to locate and depending on skill level can tell you if there online. system and ship type. can ONLY be run on corp who is in war so no neutral alts can use this feature.

Counter Espionage
Depending on skill level player that locator has been run can get notification that location has been run depending on skill time will be indicator level 1 - 30min notification etc etc etc

I had a whole list of skills and uses but wont put them out sick of the negative people hating cause they can hate everything , I’d like to see wars actually have meaning like if you war deck there should be a result of some type, not just hey we have 250 pvp skill based guys you mine your fuked also if you leave a war deced corp there should be a fee to pay not just jump corps or make a new corp.

CCP could if you actually wanted to could make wars actually fun and a good part of eve. BUT at least put some time into the friggin idea.

include skill, agents. LP, build it and they shall cum I mean come.

Don’t want to be wardecced? Don’t field a POS, don’t engage in mutual wars, don’t enlist in FW, don’t enlist in a war-eligible alliance. Want all the goodies without the negative consequences? Play a different game.

The new Wardec Mechanics, while not perfect, work very well and are completely and totally fair and reasonable :+1:


How would ccp make wars “fun” when the players are like OP and completely risk averse to even participating in the first place?


Cause wardecs are mechanic aimed at hi-sec, not null.

And they say the slippery slope is a lie.

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Shut up Balos.


Oh no!

Johnnies House got war deced :rofl:

Oh boy, someone created a trolls feast, enjoy the fruits of your thread? Natural selection works in eve also!


Oh look one of these threads…

  • lights fart

Or you know, just have their structure in a separate holding Corp and mine, completely immune from wars all together.

The answer to pvp isn’t, let’s just make it pve instead.

Just opt out all together and no one can declare war against that 3 man corp.

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your views to pvp v pve are totally different to mine. but meh yup lets just make eve boring, no changes and totally stagnant. Before getting on eve forums with no no no no how about getting out mommies basement and just looking around at all the diversity and coming up with ways to improve rather then tearing down…


Wars can be of substance if if if some thought be put into it, rather then making war decing about king of the friggin castle THAT’S the point sunshine.

That’s the direction it’s been headed for the last few years and the changes you listed will just keep it down the same path.

But insults are water off a ducks back mate. They don’t have much value, especially not if you want someone to agree with you.

Balos spotted.

When someone gets banned over and over again …
… keeps coming back over and over again …
… and keeps ignoring the bans …
… can he be considered a toxic person?


You keep the legend of this guy running dispite the fact he was not banned a single time…

This is sad.

He is so deep inside your head that he MUST be banned if he stops posting right?

Very very sad…

If you’re interested ask a gm…he will say you : not a single ban.

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