Honor Above All Else is looking for Indy pilots that like to PvP

Hello Space friends

HAAE is a new corporation founded by a group of 4 friends from different parts of the world that have been playing eve together for more then 2 years. With the CEO being around in eve since 2014 and having knowledge about most aspects of eve.

Our focus as a corporation is to have fun playing Eve online as a hobby in our spare time. We enjoy mining and ratting but at the end of the day we only do these things so we can enjoy the fireballs of some Pew Pew.

Things we are looking for/want in members that consider us:

- Be in the standing fleet and on coms when in space

  • Active pilots that can at least log in 1 day a week
  • 10+ mil SP(exceptions can be made)
  • Full non-expiry API key for every account
  • A willingness to Pew Pew(alliance requires all members to take part in PvP)

We are a 0.0 corporation and part of the Drone Walkers alliance we currently live in Impass. We have no corp fees and for the most part no corp requirements beyond what was mentioned above. We try as a corporation a couple times a week to get together and go on roams or do some mining together. We have no plans to become some be huge power house but would rather just be a active group of friends flying around in space together.

If you have questions or would like to know more stop by our public channel: HAAE PUB or feel free to mail me in game


When I first met these guys I immediately thought “v max is a tech 1 hooker. poor fella doesn’t even have the skills to fit tech 2 hooker modules.” but then I got to know them and realized I was mostly right. still flying with them though and its a blast. pretty tight knit group, always willing to help out and if no one needs help atm we try pretty hard to make it so that someone does.

there is a pretty decent market in our pocket and a pretty good trade hub in the area. ratting, mining, exploration, production you can pretty much do anything you want. if you are into wormholing we get plenty of those too and if chasing down mobile tractor units is your thing be sure to do it in a really expensive loki those seem to work the best. make sure you got a web and scram fit so it doesn’t get away.

In all honesty though what we are really wanting to do is add more people to our close knit group of friends that we can joke with and trust the same way we trust each other and that isn’t easy to find in such a cutthroat game like eve.

I tell ya what though, when you get drunk and decide you’ve had enough of being pushed around by npc dreadnaughts vmax will be the first one to loan you a replacement Ishtar . what a pal !

Give us a chance it might just be the most fun you have had in eve in a long time!!!

We are still kicking and looking for active members

new location same great plp stop by to have a chat with us!!

great bunch join us fantastic alliance

Got a few new members. Things are looking good. Come join us in null sec. You can do what you want just be on comms and in standing fleet if you are in space. If there is a CTA then show up for that. Otherwise just come on out and start printing isk.

Still looking for some more people to hangout with stop by and have a chat with us!!!

bump !

we are around day or night no matter where you live in the world!!!

whether you like shooting moon goo rocks or hostiles this is the place for you!!!

we might be the place for you stop by and have a chat

still looking for some active members to join our group have friends.

Join us today great loyal members looking to hang and have fun daily PVP fleets and all the ratz you can kill , the colossals ain’t to bad either ,… Pop in for a chat HAAE PUB and join today

V max is giving out special treats to new members. JOIN TODAY

maybe impass is the place for your come check us out

Are you in the right part of New eden? Come by and have a chat with a member of HAAE to see if you need a new home.

back from a long weekend of deer hunting and looking for new members to join us in the fight.