AIEU is recruiting, Sov Null corporation looking for USTZ small gang pvpers

Hey dudes, recruitment is open at AIEU. We’re a small, close-knit, group of mostly veteran players and eager noobs. We’re looking to add a couple combat-focused pilots interested in regular nullsec combat in late USTZ (most of us live in the Midwest and West Coast and have jobs, so we mostly play during the afternoons/evenings and on weekends). We want combat pilots who are interested in being better small gang pilots and better force multipliers on fleet fights.

As part of Winter Coalition, we have multiple fleets everyday to fight random neuts rolling through home space and roam through Legacy space only a couple jumps away in Tenerifis and Immensea. Plus, war is always coming (ohmaigat opsec), so if you want to be part of some big Eve stories or be “in-the-know” (hon hon hon), now’s a good time to get established in nullsec.

You’ll have access to fantastic nullsec infrastructure (buyback programs, reliable jump freighter services, SRP for caps and subcaps, PI, NS anomalies, fruitful mining grounds, free skillbook library), but that’s stuff you’d find in most other nullsec groups. Here’s our special sauce:

Pilots interested in being more than just F1 monkeys (Do you enjoy actually flying your ship instead of just anchoring on FC? It’s pretty fun, you should try it some time)

Corp hangars full of BPCs (convert your piddly minerals into fightin’ ships, or else make finished goods that actually sell lol)

Occasional surprise Costco trips to Jita ( our JF pilots are world class, and they’ll ping out if anyone wants anything on the way back)

A thriving market economy

Higher-than-average Discord corp chat (most of us get bored at work)

Drama-free corporation (I swear none of us are sociopaths…except Lanc)

An acknowledgment that you’re a real person with a real life (we all have families and real life responsibilities, real life always comes first)

We only have 3 requirements:

Be over 18 years old

Be able to fly either 1 T2 ship (battlecruiser size or smaller) or field 1 T2 turret/missile weapon system

Have a working headset and be available on voice comms

So, if you’re a lowsec pilot hanging around FW plexes looking for better fights, a wormholer looking for a little bit less paranoia in your Eve experience, or a nullsec F1 monkey looking for a bit more variety, send an in-game message to “Lanctharus Onzo” (our recruiter) or “Darro Hoots” (our CEO). If you have questions, DM me for more details.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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