Horse Killers - recruiting pilots for shits and giggles

A unique chance to join us is here.

We do more than put the meat in your burgers…

Horse Killers is a close knit corp of veteran Eve players. We are currently in null sec but operate in high and low sec as well. Come on over to the darkside, we have cookie ice cream on tap…

We offer:
Experience and guides on gameplay (been there, done that, t-shirt in post)
PVP/PVE experience (PVP small/medium sized fleets)
Comms on Discord and TS. Working headset essential.
Flexibility on your time commitment (game life comes 2nd)
Non-renters, multiple sov systems
Not just Alpha friendly, Omega friendly as well.
We’ve done big alliances, little alliances, pirating (remember to err is human, to yarr is pirate), war decs, been in high, low, npc null and null sec

In exchange we want:
Not much drama (already get enough from other corp members)
Can do attitude
Any amount of skill points, it what you do not how you do it.
A good understanding of english (we even accept american english to a point).

Not asking a lot. Anytime timezone is welcome but we are mostly EU timezone.

Join “HKs public” channel for recruitment/questions or PM Su Zuki in game.

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