Hot war or Cold war?

Are the 4 factions in a hot war or cold war? I can’t find much info on it.

some people are telling me its a hot war and some say its a cold war. i’d like a clear answer on it as i cant find any info other then the jove/amarr war.

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The information I have seen indicates it is a cold war. Their actions against each other are covert and hidden. For example some missions texts ingame speak of stealing technology from each other, spying, counter intelligence and subterfuge. Any incursions of armed groups into another empire’s territory seems to small fleets covertly done, or breakaway/rogue elements of their navy. And when they discover it they usually seem to prefer to hire capsuleers to destroy these groups - instead of doing the attack themselves and escalating tensions.

Some of the news and other articles speak of peace between the empires - peace with tensions - which would indicate a cold war.

Faction Warfare is an exception. But it is still part of the cold war because it is strictly regulated by a Concord agreement and limited to certain systems and actions. And once again it mostly involves capculeers instead of an all out fight between the navies themselves for the systems.

There have been a few times of nearly going to an open war (hot war) between empires. The most recent was from 2021 when the Amarr and Minmatar nearly went to all out war:


I’d say it’s as hot as a cold war can get without turning into a hot war. There’s open warfare and these past years even news about planetary invasions on the faction warfare zones, but those zones are controlled by interstellar treaties that stop the (open) war from spilling over to core worlds.

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Yah I would say the factions are in a cold war. But in HS concord keeps the peace between the 4 nations for the most part. Missions give us a hint that they do run covert ops against their enemy. Hopefully the cadari/gallentie relations don’t go into all out war as my stuff is all in gallentie space XD And I would normally fight for the cadaris so I would have to go Rambo with my golem and slaughter all in my path.

As concord is not in LS Faction Warfare is fair game and that is all out war pretty much. Short from blowing up NPC stations.

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It’s a cold war, for the most part. The Faction Warfare zones can be seen as border skirmishes over disputed territory at worst, but it’s not a hot war.

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think it will ever get hot? that could be fun.

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Frankly, no, I don’t.

The game development effort to bring something like a war to hisec would be too much for CCP.

New Eden in Empyrean age was almost going to be a hot battlefield (you can interpret this as a purposely choreographed storyline by CCP :thinking:). Elder Fleet attacked CONORD and attacked Amarr, Amarr defeated Elder Fleet, House Kador of Amarr declared war on the Federation, then Emperor Amarr denied the legitimacy of the Kador family’s declaration of war … It was not until CONCORD intervened that the hot war was chilled and legislation was passed to create Faction Warfare, a controlled form of warfare.
So now New Eden is in a Cold War, but there was a period of Hot War.

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