How 2 Krab Part 8: Marauders (WH Sites)

Hey all, I figured I’d finally get around to posting my krabbing series here on the forums. The latest article is part 8 and it includes fits for every Marauder to complete C5 sites for about 1b ISK/hr per ship. Here you go :slight_smile:

There’s also the site category which holes the other seven in the series: How 2 Krab Archives » Ashy in Space

I’d love to hear back if anything is perhaps confusing or not as clear as it could be so I can get that fixed up.


Always a good read, alternative approaches and very educating.
Thanks for your website. Top.

Going to read through this later.

Only posting now to comment on how beautifully presented this is.

Video presenations are always great but I do love a written guide that I can digest in my own time.

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