How are the ships powered?

I think the Amarr ships use antimatter reactors, and Minmatar ships use fission, but how are the ships powered?

On the tears of carebears.


Lol probably

they are powered by rock balls as discovered by her sanctity the space pope himself

edit:: for those who don’t know this is the Mittani, kissing the space pope ring, pledging allegiance to the great amarr empire

you can learn more about it in this book


or see some of his speeches



This 100% lol Carebear tears.

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Amarr has antimatter reactors, Minmatar has nuclear (fission) reactors, Gallente has fusion reactors, and Caldari has graviton reactors.

But really ships are powered by the tears of carebears as Daichi said. The different reactors are a smokescreen to keep you from finding out THE TRUTH. I mean, have you ever cracked open a ship and looked inside? I think not! You don’t “build” your own ships, you just assemble the components and make other people/robots build them for you. There’s a grand conspiracy in each and every manufacturing-capable station to secretly reprocess those reactors you think are going into the ship and use the proceeds to purchase biomassed carebear clones whose tears are extracted to power your ship. Carebear tears are very efficient fuel, so chances are your ship will explode before you run out.


I have wished for some time that the game would introduce fuel that players could produce, transport and sell.

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They’re powered by the rage of a thousand nullsec keyboard warriors.

Some ships are over powered, some are under powered, but anyhow CCP buffeth, CCP nerfeth.

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By the only true valuable resource in EVE


They run purely on salt and vinegar.

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Eve is supposed to be based on player created and player driven markets. And yet you can board your ship and just take off to anywhere. Fuel–nuclear, chemical or otherwise–should be a thing that all ships need and that players of all skill levels can produce. Make the profit margins small, but for those of us who like to produce things, it would be a fun market niche to be involved in.

Our clones probably need to eat and drink, and perhaps even the toilet. Doesn’t mean that it’d work well as gameplay.

SALT is the only true answer.

And if you never heard a NSer raging on mumble, then you don’t know this game.

Magic beans.


You mean like Isotopes and Fuel blocks?

I do this all the time! Usually there’s a pod and a lot of salty water inside.

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They’re powered by electricity. Look at the fitting window on the right tab, you’ll find words like gigajoules “Gj” and power grid. The thruster engines are fed some form of plasmic electricity… but who cares as long as it works? lol

Hamster power !

also see Warp Drives - EVE Fiction