How are the ships powered?

Cream of wheat.

funny that hunter tears are the most common in market nowadays xD

You just refueled my Hyperion. Cheers!

how much ships that fuel?

Powered by turnspit dogs that are fed salt and drink tears.

Proletariat hopes and dreams.

:rainbow: :unicorn:

Physics nitpick…

Actually, a joule (or a gigajoule) is a measure of energy, not electricity. If, by muscle power, I lift a 1kg weight 1m high under earth’s gravity, I’ll have used 9.8 joules of energy (someone else can transform this to calories, mg of sucrose, or whatever biological measure they like, if they want…) No electricity (aside from my neurons firing) was involved.

Similarly, power is just rate of energy over time, this may be electrical power, but not necessarily.

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That’s why I put and between those two, clearly not the same although can be made to interact for thrust. I don’t know. I don’t really care. As long as the framerate is decent.

Fedo farts.