Weird question about stargates

What actually powers a stargate? Like seeing as teased about whats going to happen in Ravaross with the stargates there makes me wonder what powers the stargates? Is it the sun, or is a certain fuel used.


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So I’m assuming if the trigs mine the sun in Raravoss then that means the gates could loose power I assume. Or would they cut them off due to it being s triglavian system. I’m starting to believe that shutting off the gate to the system is a drastic measures

But thank you for clarifying I saw that and thought there has to be more considering it says part of its operation.

:red_circle: There are probably more bits of information on stargate functionality hidden in other lore articles and chronicles. This was just the easiest to find.

There is not much on them at all. Some of the early stuff covers how the Empires developed star gates but not how they work.

There is no lore that I know of that tells us what powers a stargate, just some basics on the principles on how they work, as noted on the article linked before.

I would assume however, that they are powered by the signature technologies of whichever empire built them, Antimatter reactors for Amarr, Fusion reactors for Gallente, Fission for Minmatar, and Graviton reactors for Caldari.

Though, from resource standpoint, fusion reactors would make sense as the most commonplace as there is nearly a limitless supply of fuel, fairly easily harvestable in almost every solar system the gates would be built in.


Pages 146-147 of Source have a short article on it, not sure if it’s still canon. For a tl;dr:

  • Stargates are functional pairs that rely on positions of gravitational resonance in their respective star systems
  • They utilize the same quantum-entanglement fluid router system to transmit information that will be used to maintain the link
  • Graviton beams are used on all stargates; source gate is negatively charged, destination gate is positively charged
  • Graviton reaction causes a temporal singularity at each gate, which are the points where the ship will transit from one to the other

As far as the power source for the gate structure, I don’t see it specified, but I think Teinyhr is right about the fusion reactors being most likely. I believe I’ve read somewhere that stargates have workers living on board, who’d likely need to provide critical interface in case automated systems experienced some trouble. That might include an emergency shutdown to avoid catastrophe.

Speculating about Liminality systems, perhaps the positions of gravitational resonance could be affected by changes in stellar mass? If so then it seems the stargates may be fair game.


In current science, there are thoeries on zero-point gravity/energy parallel with the uses of wormholes. Likely that Terrians during the terrian age utilized that form of energy for travel and other means due to that some lore articles speak of that many of the stargates. The Empires would later on reverse engineer the active and inactive stargates to build similar ones in other systems. In lamest terms, controlled and iso-grav wormholes that wouldnt screw with the gravitational pull of the system’s star(s). The power source could very be similar to what the trigs are doing now, but that would mean that terrians harvested entire star clusters in the milky way and some stars in the new eden cluster. Hexelen and some others elaborate this better.

I dont know if this is helpful, but I remember back when players could buy small stargates. I researched them intensely, and almost set up a pair. I do remember they had to be kept fueled, similar to other player owned structures. One might assume the individual Emprires must somehow fuel their stargates in a similar fashion.

what about jumpgates? Are they the same as stargates? ^^

They are unpaired, so I think they may be different, more like a micro jump drive.

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