Ship fuel?

In the lore of EVE, what is the fuel for ships?

The capacitor has to be powered by something.

Zero-point energy?
Hamster wheels?


All of the above sans hamster wheels lol.

Being serious though, the main sources of power tend to be

Fusion(Aneutronic) for Gallente
Fission/Fusion both for Minmatar
Graviton for Caldari
Matter/Anti-Matter for Amarr

Trigs use Zero-Point, from what we understand


Snake oil.

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Some ships use salt

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I have it on good authority that ships are in fact powered by JPEGs

Mine are animated so obviously GIF.

According to the ingame manufacturing components - the power core for capacitor and other energy is:

Power Amarr Antimatter Amarr - Antimatter Reactor

Power Caldari Graviton Caldari - Graviton Reactor

Power Gallente Fusion Gallente - Fusion Reactor

Power Minmatar Nuclear Minmatar - Nuclear Reactor

Power Trig Singularity Triglavian - Singularity Radiation Convertor
(The Trig one has a description: This power generation technology works by converting into usable energy the radiation produced by the singularity that is the critical feature of Triglavian power systems.)

The propulsion systems:

Prop Amarr Fusion Amarr - Fusion Thrusters

Prop Caldari Magpulse Caldari - Magpulse Thrusters

Prop Gallente Ion Gallente - Ion Thrusters

Prop Minmatar Plasma Minmatar - Plasma Thrusters

Prop Trig Radiation Triglavian - Radiation Absorption Thrusters
(The Trig one actually explains how it is powered: This propulsion technology is clearly designed to be used in conjunction with Triglavian power systems, harnessing for motive power some of the radiation released by quantum effects of the singularity at the heart of the ship.)


Something often overlooked really, is that Fusion is a subset of Nuclear… plus there being more than one type of proposed energy producing fusion reaction, hence why I list Minmatar as Fission/Fusion hybrid, and Gallente as using Aneutronic Fusion, since it still puts them in fusion economies but with a different focus basis @EM00 .


@Lauralite_Anne_Brezia Yes that is a good point and I agree. Both Fission and Fusion are types of Nuclear reactions, so the distinction is apt.

And I also agree with your point about Fission & Fusion for Minmatar. They had help from the Gallente (secret help during the rebellion etc) so it would stand to reason that some designs would be based on Gallente tech, which would be Fusion reactors. However, some of their stuff was based on whatever they could get a hold off it and would be based on older nuclear tech which would be Fission. Thus resulting in a combination of both - as you said. :slight_smile:

It is worth noting as well that ‘fission’ tech, while less potential on energy scale than Fusion, can be more stable, and doesn’t necessarily have to mean ‘old and outdated’. So different applications for where to use it, etc

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Then according to this all subcaps are fueled by tritanium? xD

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