How would Nosferatu and Neutralizers "work?"

I am just curious about its. … well “scientific” properties considering the Eve universe tend to be quite detailed in the technological aspects of its lore.

Perhaps it has most likely to do with transference of energy as in form of heat, or possuvly electricity sapping nanites are involved.

Also, I am quite curious about how exactly entropic disintegrators function.

“Real” answer would be with some space tech so advanced that we have no way to understand. Eve is supposed to be thousands of years into the future right?
Would you be able to explain to an ancient Roman how modern AI systems work? Probs not.


Yes I agree, but at least the lore has explanations on how blasters work by firing subatomic particles and titanium sabot has explosive cores.

I was wondering by that logic, what would be the closest explanation of neuts and nosferatus.

Well, neutralizers could a polarized beam of energy (since it also uses cap) causing the charge on the enemy ship to be neutralized? Nosferatus could somehow create a circuit (nanites? space age wave tech?) so that the enemy ship’s charge flows to you and gets stored. Although you’d probably spend more energy than you’d get back but hey it’s eve, we can create cap from nothing in logi chains.

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