How can i get the user details like login time, character universe location etc from the file location

I want to get the user details like login time directly from the file so that i can run it in my machines whether i can test whether my employees are running eveonline and going in with specific character or not. Is there any way to create a script to know or any file that gives insight on these indicators.

Which company do you work for? So I know not to apply.


using game file or client info for real world actions, even on company owned hardware, wouldn’t that be subject to EULA/ToS considerations ?
plus all sorts of other legal ramifications, in many countries.

in this case, prevention is the superior solution.

Yea that sounds iffy.
@CCP_Fleebix wwyd?

If you block EVE you can be sure they will not be running EVE online.


Hi we are trying to develop some app for eveonline so i don’t want my developer to drift away from their primary goal. I just want to see if they are using the office resources correctly. So i just wanted a script to see if they are working effectively with some stats like if they are logged in or not, like where the character are etc.

You are asking 1) how to make spy software that makes use of 2) eve login data and ingame activities ?
You do NOT need to know “where the character is”, just if someone is online during office hours and presumably not working for the company. That part of your story does not hold and, frankly, makes it more than a bit suspicious.

It’s not going to happen.


Yep, that.

He’s probably thinking about bringing some new 3rd party EVE app on the market that also happens to have some malicious part that tells him exactly where and when the users of the app are playing.


You can find a char online by the locator agents

If your that interested in EVE, just hack it. Cant be any worse then what CCP is doing to it. :smirk:

Why do you need to know where their characters are? Isn’t it just enough to know that they are playing EVE on company time? Sounds shady as f***

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This sounds like someone in middle school trying to snoop on their sibling.


Your best bet is to file a support ticket and ask a GM. The forums will not be able to give you a helpful answer on this matter. Thank you.