How can I read mail in my web browser now?

I said “webmaster”. Knowing languages you mentioned is not even close to become one.

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I made a website for this about a year ago. It still has some things I wanted to add to it. But you can reliably read your mails and do some pretty cool stuff, like deleting, advanced filtering, writing mails and more…

At the moment the site doesn’t store any information at all. So no need to be concerned about that. You will be communicating directly with the EVE server to get your mails.

On a final note. This service is currently online. I will extend the webhosting for another year. But I am not sure if I will keep it online longer than that, due to lack of (financial/ISK) support / interest of the EVE-community.

The site is:

A friend of mine once wanted to do what you do, but by having a client run, instead of an online service. They didn’t allow it, though, without any reason given. Might be, because he considered turning it into a program that eve players can use for sharing files, instant messaging, all the things. He even wrote a fake ftp client for this.

eventually he said, that the whole forums could be abused to save an infinite amount of data in a person’s posts, invisible for anyone but the poster himself. A madman, way ahead of his time. :smiley:

Nice to see someone else eventually got permission. Are you using SSO and scraping, or is there a more modern way to do this?

There have been ESI endpoints for eve mails for a while now:

Edit: I just looked at the endpoints, they are quite nice :smiley:


Thanks, i’ll take a look. You’ve mentioned it in my thread, but i was specifically wondering how he did it. I don’t even know what an ESI is. :blush: (never been a fan of server APIs, i just abuse web interfaces, because it’s more convinient :stuck_out_tongue: sssht :grin:)

Thanks :slight_smile:

So the short version, ESI works in conjunction with Oauth2 (Single Sign On) to allow web developers to make websites or tools that interact with TQ and the database.

If you know what you’re doing you can manipulate quite a lot of things. That particular website is really nice as well, very good documentation… enjoy!

ESI will be replacing CREST and XML API in the near feature (I believe the current plan is for it to be next year).

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last, actually serious, question: Will they ban me for finding ways of abusing it? :grin:

Well, that is more of a question for CCP than it is for me. However, a few thoughts:
a) Non-Public endpoints require authentication, so your end user has to approve access
b) You have to register an application, CCP can block that application
c) If you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t do it :wink:

– Oh if you really want to do it, file a support ticket and ask for clarification.

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If you spam using ESI your application may / will be blocked as there is a maximum rate for sending mails
Other endpoint have no rate limit for valid / succesful call
There will be rate limit on error (HTTP 4xx / 5xx)

Spamming, scamming etc, is not allowed with ESI as per third party license agreement :slight_smile:

If you want / need more information, I suggest you come on slack in #esi so you can ask people / devs there :wink:

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Thanks for the info, but that’s not my way of abusing things. :smiley:
I got to look into this, i have no idea what it can do. :slight_smile:

If it is against the EULA for EVE-online they can. If you want to use the ESI you have to agree to an additional EULA. Violating this agreement could have some bigger (possible real life) consequences. But i.m.o. that won’t happen if you try to make something useful. Making something malicious is another scenario tough.

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i would never. no point in doing anything that could limit my options. :slight_smile:

Necrobumping this topic because I really miss sending mails from my browser.

While a 3rd party application would do the job from my experience they usually fall prey to lack up updates after a while. I’d really like to see the return of an eve gate-like system where I can mail people.

I’m an android user, however the mail app is very unreliable with my phone.

So… How can I get to my Eve mail outside of the game now? The eve gateway is closed. Using a phone to get my email is like drinking with a tablespoon. Why would I want to be limited to a pocket device when I have laptops and desktops with big screens and real keyboards?

Theres a couple of 3rd party alternatives: and are two of them.

I’d really like to read and answer EVE mail in a web browser on my PC. Thank you.

In general, if your looking for third party tools, this is a good ressource:
Theres already two mail apps. Spacemail is missing there but its now here: is still around ( and was for about 2 years ). I have completely redone the project over the last 4 months or so.

Please consider leaving some feedback or becoming a sponsor. Without feedback I don’t know what people would like or what issues arise. I cannot address issues i don’t know about. Donations are for much needed motivation and covering expenses to keep this project alive and up to date. I probably spent about 500 unpaid hours on it so… some appreciation would be nice.

More details are available here:

Hi, if someone is still looking for a solution for managing theirs mails through a web browser I made this website

If you want to talk about it there is a topic here: Multipurpose site:

Ahh. Thank you for this. I am now using Eve Hub and it is very helpful.