How can i send location in CHATS?

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You can click and drag locations from almost anywhere in the UI and will be clickable when dumped in a chat channel.

You can also highlight text , right-click and select one of the appropriate options there I.e. link location in your case. Be aware this is dependent on your spelling being correct.

you can link a system or celestial object (plant/moon/belt/station) in chat

you can’t link a bookmark in chat. so if you are in a mission or site you can’t link that.

Like the others said, you can go ahead and drag locations into the chat bar but you can also do it another way as well:

Type out the location or copy and paste it into the chat bar then right click and select to link the location.

In the case of a bookmark, you cannot drag it and share it like normal locations. In order to share a bookmark, you must open your “people and places” window and drag the bookmark into your hanger to make it an actual item. You can then trade the bookmark or contract it to your friend so they can use it.

Note that if you do this with your bookmark, you will loose the bookmark yourself unless you make more than one.

Hope this helps!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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