Drag a bookmark into chat

let me link a single bookmark in chat so people can warp to it, or save it to their own bookmarks, etc


Just make a folder and open up the ACL to them?

every time i want to link a single bookmark to a random person?
i want to just drag it into chat and not have to create and manage ACLs in the middle of a fleet

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well that’s not gonna happen, so get used to it

i guess we can shut down the entire suggestion forum then, karen


i really wish we could, tbh

You can create a shared folder that has universal access. Put the shared bookmarks in there and then you can drag the link into chat. Just keep the folder empty most of the time. Not a big effort.


This would be a nice QoL improvement, but I don’t know how likely it. Regardless, this a good candidate suggestion for the small things thread.

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I made a shared bm folder with corresponding access list (or you make a universal access folder). It’s a matter of dragging the name of your recipient onto the correct icon (member) in the access list window and telling him/her to “online” the shared bm folder in his/her own People&Places tab. There’s a 2 min delay on the activation.

So it’s dragging a bookmark vs. dragging a character’s name.

Making bm’s “linkable” would probably also mean that some spaghetti needs untangling …


Nah, this isn’t important - what we need is a way to select bookmarks from inside of either the overview or the bookmarks window. Right now, as far as I know, the only way to click on a bookmark (so that a line is drawn from your ship to the bookmark) is to click on the bookmark in space. I other words, the only way to locate a bookmark in space is to first locate the bookmark in space.

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