How can I sort search results without making 1000 http-requests

I am using the search function from ESI:!/Search/get_search to find character names.

The results I get are ordered by index. I would however like to order them alphabetically by character name.

I can pull this off by getting information of every character ( up to 500 http-request ) and sorting afterwards. If my system loads a character it is set up to also load the image urls for every character ( another 500 http-requests ). So I am talking about 1 000 http request for a search.

I would much rather get the results sorted from search request. Is this possible or am I stuck making 1 000 requests?

No, you would have it sort it on your end. But if you do it once and store the names it wouldn’t be that bad…

Also be aware of

I think making 1 000 requests where 20 would do if you got the results sorted from the api is a pretty bad thing.

This is why I am asking. It is not abuse if there is no other option. I suppose I should make a report on GitHub then?

If you already have the character names and just need the IDs just use: where you can provide up to 1,000 names to resolve.

There is also: That should allow me to resolve the issue ( it will likely cause extra complication in my code, but meh… better than the alternative ).

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