Search & Sort Bookmarks

Is there a way to search and sort bookmarks using the API? Is it possible to find, move, rename and/or delete bookmarks through the API? How would you do this?

Thank you!

No, Bookmarks isn’t accessible thru ESI (API).

Bookmarks are read-only in ESI:

Multiple ESI issues have been made in regards to move/copy/rename bookmarks:✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+bookmarks
Add your :+1: reaction to the issues you want to see done.
Do note however, that we will never be able to create bookmarks.

Creating bookmarks by API? What could possibly go wrong! :smiley_cat: Anyway, searching, sorting, moving, renaming and deleting bookmarks more easily (and in bulk) would certainly be a much appreciated addition to EVE Online. Thanks for the reply!

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