How do I format my bio?

(Rivr Luzade) #1

I want to have a line break in my biography. So, like in a post and also like in the old forum’s signature I just hit enter and the line break appears. I tried it with an actual HTML-BR-tag, too. IT also shows in the preview.

However, in the actual biography when I click on a character in a forum post it does not show up. The line break is only visible in the bio when you look at the actual character page.

Is there any way to make the line break show up in the character preview window, too?

In relation to that: Links are just plain text with an underline and not the bold blue text that you see in posts, or the orange link text of the old forum.

(Scipio Artelius) #2

Essentially, you can’t force a line break in the profile summary (ie. signatures aren’t really a thing in Discourse).

So it will always look like this:

Unless you click on your profile and go to the page, where the linebreak will be.

Discourse are aware of this limitation and are likely to add more options in the future, but for now, not much to be done.

A workaround might be to make a png/jpg image with the writing in it and then put that in your profile.

I’m not sure if it will show up at all, but if it does, there is no way for the linebreak to not be there.

(Althalus Stenory) #3

i have a line break (just pressed enter) and it works fine for me… :confused:
you can still try something like

<some space>
<some space>

(Rivr Luzade) #4

This actually works. Impressive and thanks a lot. :smiley: