How do you access someone's evegate profile?

Basically, as the title. Is or will there be a link put in to access

For example?

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Yep, that works. And golly that Corp list must light you up like a Christmas tree for any recruitment officer.

Do you think we’ll all get a link put in automatically?

As you have discovered you can make your own URL and add that to your users card or biography. The url rule for Eve gate is You will need to use %20 in place of spaces.

I don’t think we will see any integrations with these forums and Eve Gate. As it stands today, Eve Gate is out of date, and redundant.

I’m out of town on a shitty cell phone so please forgive me. Is there a way to access your skills without Eve Gate?

No problem :slight_smile: - When you say access your skills, do you want to be able to make skill plans, or do only want to be able to view them?

Both would be nice but I had assumed that viewing was my only option. :dizzy_face:

Ok, so this was the other question I should have asked.

Do you want this on Windows, a smartphone or another device?

I like to use &

So I don’t know if @Clandestiny will be back anytime soon and I have to go AFK. Is really nice. You can track your skills, implants, isk and so on. You have the ability to set a password so only people who know the password can see it. On top of that, you can make it public so anyone can see your skills. Eve Board, is a really good website, if you were to sell a pilot on #marketplace:character-bazaar we would require you to provide an Eve board. Because Eve Board is a website, you can view it on any device.

Other options include:

  • Eve Mon, a windows based skill planner. This lets you take into account your current skills and implants to design skill queues.
  • Eve Nova, an android application that let’s you see your eve mails, skills, active ship, and (don’t quote me on it), but I believe they added the ability to send eve mails as well.

Take a look at this web page for a good list of third party applications:

Gotcha. I mistakenly assumed you meant CCP had created something that made Eve Gate obsolete. Thanks for your time.

Yes and no. CCP are constantly upgrading their ESI API system, with new and improved endpoints. It enables third party developers to make good applications to support Eve while CCP can focus on Eve itself.

And to be fair, often the best people to make these sorts of tools (Evemon, Eve Board, Eve Nova, Eve Central, Eve Appraisal, and many others I am forgetting) are the players themselves. They get to spend a lot more time playing Eve, and know what would make their life easier.

None of these really add the ability to see e. g. someone else’s corp history though. How will that be addressed?

(this part would be clearer if the second poster’s comment hadn’t had a wormhole collapse or whatever, where did Anyanka Funk’s post go?)

Looks like he / she deleted them both. Not 100% sure sorry. Still getting used to my tools.

Try this:

I just added some more features to my little userscript, now you can click the corp/alli name to open the eve gate pages and there now is a little icon next to the name to open the persons eve gate profile :slight_smile: :

:slightly_frowning_face:Really? Then please show me where I can find my evemails, broadcasts, contacts and other character’s ingame biographies, employment history, etc. on this forum.

Don’t forget EveHQ, the multipurpose app which has made me forget about all others for years.
It may sadly not be around for much longer, but it’s definatly worth a look, @Clandestiny.

What allows that is the Eve Gate integration. You are still able to use Eve Gate, that service is still going to be around. The integration with this forum seems unlikely.

For viewing corporation and alliance information you can use this third party script.

I hope this helps.

:slight_smile: Ok, thanks for the script link and the making me feel :disappointed_relieved: that even though there will be no integration with the forums, Eve Gate will still be around.