How do you track missions, lp, drops etc?

So I was thinking the new mining tool was a great addition.

I wonder if CCP would consider adding a similar tool for the mission runners. Something that can show us our LP, Bounties, etc over time and produce hourly averages and other nice numbers that we’ve all come to love.

Anyway, are there any existing out of game tools or applications that are pretty neat for tracking this sort of thing?


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Loyalty points are tracked in the Journal - only totals.

Bounties and mission rewards are tracked in your wallet journal. Use the Ref. type drop down list to filter. Bounties will be per tick (20 minutes) not per mission.

For loot and salvage you can put it in a container in your hangar. Eve will estimate the value but only the total.

Wallet transactions and hangar contents can be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet if you want to analyse the data.


LP tracking is something that would be nice, currently just have to manually write it down (aka put in spreadsheet) if you want to track. You can kinda see this from the standings page in the journal, the corp/agent standings will have your last 25 standing transactions. But LP changes over time and is different depending on system sec and skills so it’s not perfect.

bounties show up in the logs as you earn them, and the journal as they get paid out every 20 mins per system. these and mission rewards + bonuses are the easiest to track.

Loot I mostly ignore aside from multi million drops. The +3 implant from DPS and the hackercard from right hand of zazz are the typical drops, zor’s custom and faction stuff if you get lucky. If you want to do a specific run you can always open a new can name it and then copy/paste it into or just use the game generated value, typically good enough for me.

When I track it I throw my starting time, isk, corp isk, and LP into a spreadsheet, and start running missions. when I’m done I add my ending time, LP, wait 20 mins, and then put down wallet totals, add it up and divide by how long I ran missions. Typically I measure in 2-3 hour blocks. Times less than an hour can be very misleading, for example Right Hand of Zazz is something like 700m/hr if you get the good zor implant to drop. Also if you screw something up that really hurts in the short run. Longer run times will be closer to the true average, I get bored after a few hours so that pretty much maxes my run time. Looking at multiple tracked sessions they all come out pretty close.

You can add in individual mission times if you want, but imo that’s too much like work. Writing down every dock and undock timer for each mission completion is a pain in the arse. My half ass solution is to copy/paste the killing entry or bounty payout into the spreadsheet, that gives you time and NPC type. slightly less easy with generic missions as the ships typically show up in a few missions, but typically have plenty of time in warp back to station to add that if you like.


I made a spreadsheet. It looks like this:

Edit: Haven’t found a good way of tracking which characters have which missions. I was thinking drop down menus could handle this but I would have to make a database of all the missions names. Currently I use good old fashioned memory.

As for loot, it just gets dumped into a big box. Don’t care what it is, it’s just isk in solid form.

What I’d really like to figure out is how to get live LP values into my spreadsheet instead of just tiers.



I’m not sure why CCP hasn’t made all this stuff more readily available. I know we all love a good spreadsheet! but some in game tools and trackers would be amazing!

I’m sure you’ll find a solution.

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Don’t know if this will help but I found it to be a nice little app in tracking mission count.

EVE Storyline Tracker (Tool)

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Will check it out.

Update: Cheers for the post but that’s a little too basic in comparison to what I was thinking :slight_smile:

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for loot, you can use a program that checks every 10s your position and store the result of a clipboard modification along with the position at this time.

using the ESI you can also find the closest BM to your position, and if that bm is named after a mission you can bind that clipboard to that mission.

Come again?

the ESI gives you the ability to check your position . This position is cached for 10s I think. It consists of both the system and a x y z coordinate. ( actually 5s )

The ESI also gives you the ability to list your bookmark and their position(details are ). You thus can filter the bms that are in your system, and find the closest meaningful to you. If you bookmarked the site with a correct name (eg saved the location in space) you can thus guess the site you retrieved loot from.

You then can monitor your clipboard values, and when they change try to find out their content. If it is loot, you can thus save the loot + system+ date+ mission in a database.

You can also save in the type of ship, using

Such a program would require a bit of work.

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