Anything I could program to make ISK?

Is there anything I"d be able to program and then charge people ISK to use for in game? Of course, I’m looking for allowed tools here, not looking to get banned.

Sure. A website that allows you to look up something easily, or maybe consolidate information in one place, or maybe used by a corp to help track activities, etc etc etc.

The possibilities are endless.

Off the top of my head, EVE-mogul does something similar, in which he charges a monthly isk stipend and people use his website to track and show their profits.

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o nice, that looks interesting, will look into it!

Could you program a mission tracking system.

Something that looks through your mission reward payouts in the back end and let’s you autonomously track how many missions you have done?

If you’re at the point you would want to track how many you’ve done, then the answer is “Too many”

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This could be another way of asking to track missions for storyline purposes. That’s been brought up a lot more recently.

There used to be a tracking site that me and HateLesS Gaming used to see who was running more and it had a leaderboard function so you could see top players, corp and alliances from the people registered to it.

Story line tracking would be an awesome idea.

I dont see anyone paying isk for it though. Maybe through donations, but i just dont see the point of paying isk for that.

there was a thing called “eve planets” the site is now gone but its still in some web archives … that was very usefull … guess you could make something like that …

That’s definitely doable. You can track with a bit of tweaking the time between missions and deduce the approximate amount of time you were farming.
I used it to keep track of the time, LP and isk I made per day.

the algorithm was :

  • get all the bounties and agent rewards.
  • remove 20min from the bounties date.
  • sort them all by date increasing
  • group them with a 25min max delay (so if event b is more than 25 min after event a it just follows, they are in different group) into sessions
  • the start of the group is the lowest between bounties or agent date of a group -5min
  • the end is the last bounty/agent+2min.
  • group the sessions per start day.
  • each day duration is the sum of (end-start) of the sessions, each day value is agentrewards+bounty

Then there was something with standing to get the missions done and the corresponding LP but I don’t really remember.

I’m at that point, no return now…

You could program a new space game. One that doesn’t waste my time traveling all over the damn galaxy for a couple of modules. Like, say, a space game where we can jump several systems at once.
I can’t believe that in the 24000’s we’re still at a level of technology that depends on jump gates :roll_eyes:

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Get a capital space pleb, with filaments you can get anywhere in eve in 10 mins now anyway.

EVE is a long lasting, long term game with lots of change, sometimes massive change. That means that for this to succeed you will have to tend to and update your product for several years otherwise it’s not worth the effort.

As I see it there are two options:

  • identify a current 3rd party website/program that currently doesn’t have much competition, or none at all, that is crap, annoying to use or outdated without much hope of updates.

  • find a somewhat niche use or playstyle no one bothered with to make something for so far but not so niche no fcker will ever use it.

Make something that brings back the functionality of the long lost watch lists and you will be space rich

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I would pay for someone to bring EFT back, I refuse to use Pyfa, horrible UI, so ugly.

Shut up, you don’t know what I’m talking about.

I would pay isk for a program that searches corps/alliances for war eligibility and member count.

AFAIK You can get these from ESI. Would need corp/alliance name, war eligibility (boolean), member count and maybe home station, description etc.

Corporation > Corporation ID

that’s actually very simple to do.
You can even list the wars and find the lat time the corp were wardeced.

Yeah probably has been done already, just not made public. I think I will do it myself when I get some spare time. Just need the range of corp/alliance IDs for a search.