I will teach you programming(or do projects) for ISK

Hey guys. Today I would like to offer my service - I will teach you programming(or code projects) for ISK! I can teach you using most of the known languages, my preferred one being Python. I’ll teach you from “0 to hero”, meaning once we’re done you’ll have the skills and knowledge on how to move forward and achieve what YOU want. If you guys wanna help me out and get an awesome skill in return, feel free to message me on Reddit or in-game: John Andreus.
Discord: Koifman#6138
Proof of my history in the field will be given privately.

What rate are you thinking?

Depends on your requirements.


Bumping! 2 clients so far, looking for more!

This guy is a scamer.

I negotiated a deal with him for a programming project.
After I offered and paid the first part of the deal were no work was done he delted me on discord
and plays dead.


I can confirm the above.

For anyone that comes across this and thinks it’s a good idea: it’s not allowed.


yea if i wanna learn programming, i’ll take an actual class, not some wannabe on eve.

off topic…
did this rule change with these new forums?

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