Removed offer

(Fictions) #1

offer retracted

(Fictions) #2

wardeck needs to be started from now each killmail need to be mailed to me in game and i pay 5 mill

(Ima Wreckyou) #3


(Tiddle Jr) #4

They offered 10m for every killmail of you…

(Fictions) #5

thats easy we are only 4 so thats 40 mill :slight_smile: i am willing to spend more i smell a scam lol

(Tiddle Jr) #6

To much efforts to mess around for 5m and your troll thread is fail

(LeConte Boudreaux) #7

Some people like to build big sand castles
others like to knock those sand castles down
Sometimes the waves come up and wash us all away
After all, it’s CCP’s beach we’re playing on.

(Ima Wreckyou) #8

Nice, send those 20m over! :laughing:

(StonerPhReaK) #9

Paying others to bully is still bullying. Shame on you for keeping the cycle going.

(Yozora Ellecon) #10

Sauce pls

(Abyss Azizora) #11

Interesting, it’s not enough isk to warrant farming Code members, but it’s definitely a nice bonus for those killing them already. Some questions though, does it apply to CODE alts? Code tends to use a lot of out-of-corp alts for suicide ganks. And does it apply to those killing them when they flag themselves during a gank attempt?

(Fictions) #12

ok i raise the stakes i pay also the wardeck costs of 20 corporations of at least 50 players who wardeck them and have 20 kills
thats 5 Bill there ya go payed after 7 days well free wardeck money as it cost 250 mill to wardeck them …
and i will put now a bounty on there head of 1 Bill
and i am not the bully THEY ASK MY ISK SO I CAN MINE you got to be kidding right I PAYED FOR THE GAME to ccp that i stopt now as if this is allowed then the game make no sence…

(Fictions) #13

from 14 bill to 15 bill the bounty go

and any code member who kill another code member that not go for you your in the alliance code nice try

all current code corporations are listed any code corporation quit code and then wardeck them dont get anything your exluded as your willingly fight players who are weaker in mining ships look if you kill a bot i have no cruch but you kill me and i hate bots as i see that as unfair gameplay so there for its personal…

(Fictions) #14

no only wardecks as if i accept all kills then it means they can kill there own accounts …
what perhaps happen anyway no way of telling
thats why the minimum of the corp is 50 members who get there wardeck money and have 20 kills
as most of the code corporations have 1 member just to raise the wardeck costs for anyone who wardeck them.

(Scipio Artelius) #15

Do I have this straight?

You hate bullies
You think CODE. are bullies because of non-consensual pvp in highsec
You are paying people to non-consensually pvp CODE. members in highsec
You are a bully?

I need to put an alt into CODE. I’ll make a motsa

(Tiddle Jr) #16

This turned into burn iskies madness, so you’ve been owned by CODE in any possible direction, the only thing left for you is quit the game after you realized that.

Well played CODE.

(Samuel Triptee) #17

I’ll end up eating 5mil worth of popcorn watching this one. If you were to offer 500mil I think you might be taken a bit more seriously

(Super Perforator) #18

Why would anyone waste the ISK to wardec CODE. when nearly all of us can be shot anywhere without repercussions?

(Ima Wreckyou) #19


(Super Perforator) #20

I think he would see a lot more CODE. kills if he didn’t have the wardec stipulation.
But yeah, actually why am I complaining.