WTB software dev services for EVE launcher

I currently have a non-working third party command line EVE launcher written in Python that needs to be updated for the SSO changes CCP implemented a while back. I will provide the current code (108 lines, no comments) if required.

Payment will be in ISK. Feel free to send me a mail in EVE (Elizabeth Norn), or add me as a friend on Discord (Elizabeth Norn#8073) if you need to discuss anything further or send me a quote for the work.

Required feature:-

  • Update the launcher (or create a new one) so that it’s functioning again.

Would be nice features:-

  • Read the 2FA verification code from my Gmail inbox.

  • Import usernames, passwords, and character names/IDs from a CSV file.

Current features (these will be needed if starting from scratch):-

  • Launch accounts, or characters directly, by typing their name into the command line.

  • Assign keywords to launch groups of accounts/characters.

  • Assign settings profiles to characters/groups

https://github.com/LavishSoftware/ISBoxerEVELauncher - a working launcher.

https://github.com/Frosty-nee/rlel - another defunct launcher that explains how it works (minus the SSO changes mentioned above).

Recently someone offered this service without the intention of carrying out their end of the deal. Scamming for these services is not allowed, as you can see in these posts by GM Iceberg:-

ISD Sakimura confirmed (with GM Iceberg liking the post) that such software development services for EVE-related projects are also allowed:-

import that from csv please. or Json or another format but not specifically spreadsheet.

Yeah, being specific is good. I understand CSVs so I’ll clarify it in the OP.

Modifying the EVE Online client or using third party software to connect to EVE Online is not permitted and violates the EULA.

Closed on request of Customer Support.