How does Contraband work?

I saw contraband when looking at faction info, where do you get contraband? What happens when you get caught with contraband? Who do you give it to?

I wasn’t sure they left anything contraband… it’s kind of a dumb mechanic and a bunch of things were taken off the contraband list.

What happens is if you have any in your cargo and you jump through a gate that has Customs Officers, they scan your hold. Each stack has a 50% chance of being detected. If at least 1 stack is detected, they tell you to drop the cargo and/or pay a fine, and then they call the faction police (not CONCORD) on you anyway because the software kinda sucks and never seems to work like it’s supposed to.

I’m probably a little bit wrong about exactly what happens after you’ve been detected, but it doesn’t matter… most contraband you’ll find is worthless NPC trade goods, definitely not worth risking losing your ship. If you’re looting anything and see it has a skull on it and/or a legality tab, just let it sit.

Yeah but who wants it? Why? Do you lose or gain standings from it?

I haven’t followed up on it in a really long time, but if there are NPC buy orders for it, it’s for nearly nothing. I’m not sure off the top of my head about sec/standings hits, because again, the risks (your entire ship even without sec/standing hits) far outweigh a negligible reward. You could price check it on And a quick google search should answer the sec/standings question if nobody pops in with an answer. One of the memes of EVE is that EVE is a sci-fi/space opera/spaceships game where you don’t get to be Han Solo nor Boba Fett. Most of us can just about manage being Porkins.


I once had a contraband issue with customs after freeing slaves in a mission two jumps away from the agent. The slaves were detected at the next gate and I received a grim message and lost standing at the Minmatar Republic.

Fun fact: In my “Elite” times (about 30 years ago) hauling slaves and drugs had the effect of becoming criminal, but made the best prices by far. The slave and drug prices over here are definitely not worth doing anything illegal. But you can’t even free these slaves, you have to jettison into space or leave them in their container.

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