Smuggling contraband has never really been a thing.

I think there is or was a pve version of smuggling… never actuallly heard someone do it.

I propose you send a class of high value manufacturable materials (maybe PI… and make it impossible it improbable to manufacture these in highsec) contraband… and that while carrying these materials… one is suspect.

I’ll bet a fedo this creates emergent gameplay.


used to there was a caldari black market skill years and years ago.

most things are now no longer illegal except for i think small arms and some things are illeagal based on empire laws like slaves being illegal in minmatar and gallente.

Refinery products while not illegal to transport, can only be made outside of empire, which means sneaking through, low sec/nullsec/ and wh in order to get the product to highsec…you can even do it in a industrial to feel special

Smuggling should be a thing +1. I don’t think you should be sus though unless you get scanned.

I could live with that… but definitely needs to be PvP enforced.

There was an idea a few years ago where rather than npc’s auto scanning everything and being generally omnipotent, players could scan cargo and if an illegal item was found could mark your ship as suspect.

Some details to iron out but it’s the best idea I’ve heard,


That could be a cool mechanic, maybe a reward from concord if you report someone and they become suspect… maybe you get the option to report or not so you can extort…

Could be an interesting mechanic.


This is a good idea. Ccplease!?
They’d have to create some good incentives to hauling this stuff through high sec, but it would create pvp content as well as a new isk source. Win win right?

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You are creating nonsense that can be better handled the EVE WAY, which is to actually get some expensive thing you made outside highsec, transport it through null, wh, lowsec to highsec and make a decent profit (alternately you end up being the zKillboard spam of the week for losing 50 billion in Uedama).

Either way, you get the experience you want and nothing about EVE needs to change.

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Do you honestly believe that?

Do you think the game is healthy?

I would honestly roll it back to early 2011 when the game was a festival of squabbles and giggling… if it was me… but I keep hearing about our progress.

That’s before the highsec fighting capitals that were the profession systems became noob protected space. (I knew a lot of people who quit when this happened). Then wardec costs went up. Then crime watch. Then watchlist was gone. Now there is nothing left to wardec but holding corps.

The fighting has ended.

I think highsec just needs something to fight about. All this safety is making the isk grind into a pointless mess.

If we’re not going to slow the cows of high and null gorging themselves endlessly and pointlessly on isk, at least create a few mechanics where lower level players without their obsessiveness can have small casual skirmishes in highsec.

There needs to be something left in highsec, somewhere, that is exciting.

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i see this happenin in any mmo, all the devs makin mmos boring because the new gamer generation suffers from carebear/retard sickness

i just tried eve online because i thought it was the last real mmorpg,… but now im reading about all the changes they made over the last years and its a huge downer for me :frowning:

i would love to be a drug smuggler in eve but seems like they removed it too :frowning:

also what did happen with the walking around in stations/playership feature? i remember some years ago when i first tried out eve i could walk around with my character, would be nice if they bring this feature back too and maybe gives players a place to chat/talk, using emotes and all that social fun stuff! a space bar would be nice! :slight_smile:

really hope that the devs wont destroy eve with makin it into a carebear mmo like all the others we have on the market atm! im sick of searchin for a good mmo.

last hope for me is star citizen… would be great if i could play the beta in 60-80years…


And agreed about needing to work out the details, especially since some items are considered contraband in certain space, but not others.

Errmm… isn’t what you said, also a carebear-retard sickness? Try imvu or yeah, star citizen too.

eerrrmmm,… no?

it is just a social feature!

or does it make the game in any form more easy? or does it remove anything?

nop! :wink:

Strong stance!

Nothing says “I hate Carebears” than wanting EVE to have a social bar where players walk around in their avatars like Second Life!

so im a carebear for wanting this old feature back in eve,…??

i also want highsec removed :wink: let the players deal with problems!
also player scan for illegal goods/drug smuggling sounds like a awesome feature :wink:

now this makes me the king of carebears? or just a stupid troll? cmon let it all out :smiley:

It actually does! My post was a little off-topic but I just found your post funny.

I read that players want more ganking opportunities and setting a ship suspect for carrying contraband is a neat idea.

Of course it’s not that much different than all the people camping markets looking for a decent ship to suicide gank. Players looking for smugglers would just be sitting at a station passively scanning ships like they already do.

I don’t think CODE cares about the legality of the cargo, players smuggle every minute of every day!

“contraband” is a lore item, PvE

’PvP’ Smugglers arrive safely :slight_smile:

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