How does lone frigate tackle carrier (for any length of time)?

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Scenario: Lets say some carrier is ratting some anom. In warps some frigate, orbits carrier close, tackles, then calls out for friends to help.

  1. I would have assumed (probably wrongly) that light fighters could kill a frigate in relatively short order. Is this correct or incorrect?

  2. I would also have assumed that light fighters could kill cruisers and heavy cruisers in relatively short order. Is this correct or incorrect?

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That depends entirely on the ship that tackled you. A ceptor can be destroyed by light fighters if not flown correctly. Assault Frigates are a different caliber if flown and fitted properly. Some AF can be fitted in a way to be completely undestroyable by a poorly fitted carrier.

Light fighters should in fact apply DPS a lot better on cruisers, but Heavy Assault Cruisers and Hictors can have significant hit points, which means it will still take time to wear them down.

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Assume carrier fit for tracking, maxed relevant skills, etc. Can it kill any tackling frigate in reasonably short order?

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An interesting question. Can an AF outrun the fighters and slowly destroy them while being impossible to hit?

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