How to defang carriers properly?

What is a proper way to kill the carrier’s fighters?

Are drones a good alternative? Such as fast light drones? Or needs to be ewar drones to do webbing?

What turrets/missiles or anything are good against fighters?

What dps would be needed?

A fleet of small ships.

But then again, the only times I’ve fought carrier fighters was in a fleet of small ships because I don’t fly larger than cruisers and I can’t solo kill carriers. So my experience may be flawed.

But as usual your question is theoretical about a situation that you did not specify (are you in a fleet? what kind of ship are you in? What kind of ships are your friends in? Are you the aggressor? Is this your space or enemy space? Are you trying to kill the carrier a.s.a.p. before backup arrives? Or is he the backup?) and therefore the proper answer is, as usual…

it depends.


Like the last question OP tried to ask, the true answer is “It Depends”.

Are you talking about a single carrier? Which one? A Nidhoggur or an Archon?
Is this a krabbing carrier? PvP fit carrier? (OP, do you even know what these are?)
Is this a solo carrier? Does this carrier have subcap support? Fleet support?

The general approach is:
Step 1 - Web and Scram the fighter
Step 2 - Apply DPS (at least 4 dps).


I feel like I could manage an educated guess as to the OPs responses to your questions… so here goes (in my best OP voice)!

Maybe… the title says “Carriers” so initially I thought multiple, but I also am aware of the OPs theory on a trio of orcas taking down a (single) carrier (theoretically of course)… so my answer is definitely ‘maybe’.

Oh if you could just run through all the possible permutations and iterations that would work.

Once again, simply run through all possible iterations and that will give you a baseline, geez, it’s not that difficult.

So now these are what we call ‘variables’ and you simply substitute a constant for a ‘variable’ and you’ll know… I feel indignant that I need to point out these obviously trival things to the masses, woe is me!

Cypr3ss (acting as a temp substitute for the OP.)


Yep, this seems to be a good approach.

Anyway, I’ve found the context of the question in this thread, it’s found here: Rebel Miners - 3 Orcas versus a Carrier
It seems the theoretical scenario involves a fleet of orcas and possibly battle procurers to take on the carrier.


OP is even dumber than the bag of bricks that I imagined if he thinks that’s a scenario that would work in the favor of the Orca/Procurers. Thanks for showing me that.

Also, why is he spamming so many threads?

i would add “if you are not able to quantify it, you don’t understand it”


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