How to not loose Fighters on Infested Carrier?

o/ fellow alliance m8, neuts content providers and others.

As simple as title statement is, how to avoid loosing Fighters when soloing an Infested Carrier please?

I know it’s best done on a dread but I really don’t want to use it, so no dread, no super and no dual BS.

-Highter velocity?
-Highter fighter orbital? I think it’s 7300 by default, guns optimal being 12000, so set it 11500?
-Use smart bomb to increase aggro on pilot?
-Something I forgot?


Ty for your feedback, I will edit post and try to make it easier read, as I am non-native English speaker

Problem fixed, Nid with 2 drone nav computers for thoses who wonder, max skills too ofc, minmatar carrier IV.

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