Carrier or Super Car Ratting - light fighter losses

Are there tricks when running anomalies that I can do to prevent losing small fighters? at 10 mil a pop can’t afford the losses sustained. Any advice for a returning player?

Be thankful you can Carrier or Super rat. A friend has not been able to in what feels like a year due to the war in and around Delve

You mind telling me what system you’re ratting in?


With up to 160 million isk ticks you cannot afford a 10 million isk drone?

Math says, that cannot be right.

So many dumb responses to this thread. Especially like elitatwo. As if someone pissing away 10 mil drones should not want to strategize how to avoid it because he has a good income.

Maybe it is your topic that is dumb

Asking for a friend?

Only troll here is your original post. Nice bait.

7bil per week carrier ratting and worried about 10mil drones… lol

God you are just off the charts stupid aren’t you. Yeah you are trolling. stfu moron and go bother someone else. That’s like saying gosh if I mine some isk, why would I care if i lose my barge… what amoron…seriuosly lol wow

Yes. It’s exactly like that. I’ve occasionally lost Procurers. Showing up for my alliance’s good moons has brought me enough income during my time in the alliance that it’s worth the risk.

I have heard of guys that use faction ammo for running missions.

Don’t they know that ammo costs come straight out of their profit$?

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