How Good is the Merlin?

Alpha account here, I am wondering, how good is the merlin for pvp in nullsec? I like the vexor and brutix but they are out of my price range atm.

I’m not a PvP’er but have read enough to know that is a good ship…also the Kestrel and Condor in the Caldari line are also great starter ships.

That being said, you will get cooked alive in NULL. I would suggest using T1’s for FW, HS shenanigans or other lower entry-point activities. Not only are you mostly up against Omega characters in Null but also mostly Faction ships, T2 and pirate (just for frigates alone).

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Don’t listen to @Runa_Yamaguchi.

The Merlin works plenty fine out in Null. Suitonia’s even got an EVE Is Easy video showing off a simple cookie cutter Merlin fit that does wonders out in Null as long as you know how to pick your fights.

The best resource for Frigate PVP is this report made by T Sky:

He does a lot of good work documenting and analyzing the various ships and their fits. You can find more information on his blog.

TL:DR; Merlin is perfectly fine for Nullsec pvp, you just need to pick and choose your fits a bit carefully, but that’s easy to do since you are so mobile as a frigate.


I literally said that it was a good ship…I also said that when facing frigates, they will mostly outclass him (pirate/faction).

My point was more that a new character/player (alpha to boot) might have a ruff time in NULL with it.

I watched some of the YouTube vid it looks like that character is max SP as the fit looks so tight! And the char is Omega.

…and T_Sky only shows the Merlin at 45% win rate. (great link BTW…TY)

Thanks for the videos, with those fits, I can kick ass.

Go watch the whaling vid just for fun…trust me, your jaw will hit the floor a few times.

The Merlin is fine, especially when there are 2 or 3 of them. I like to take the condor out for solo stuff personally.

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